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One of the most eminent jewelers in West Bengal and India is Amiya Jewellers

Amiya Jewellers is located in Station Road, Golghar, Jagadal, Pin 743125. Amiya Jewellers has marked its own name, who dictate their own terms. Amiya Jewellers has targeted middle-class families, who are way too conscious about their taste, style, and heritage.

Every person has his own perspective and his own way of seeing things. But Indian people are way too conscious about their taste and their preferences and they stick to their own choices. So there goes the difficulty that we have to satisfy each and every customer especially Indian people because their choices and tastes are unique in a way. So for fulfilling the demand of the customers we follow Amiya Jewellers.

We make all kind of ornaments. Also in the ornaments designing, we are proudly ahead of others. Also, we repair any kind of ornaments.

In our Indian culture jewelry is a must go things. everybody in our country treats it as a part of the body. We Indian people gives jewelery utmost preference in cosmetic things. So if you are also one of those people and want a precious, marvelous and extraordinary ornament then you should definitely visit Amiya Jewellers and have them make it for you because you are your own princess so ornaments are also up to your own customization. Amiya Jewellers is the best place for making least weight ornaments. All the jewelries of Amiya Jewellers are 100% certified.

Mr. Narayan Karmakar the founders of Amiya Jewellers. We have 26 years of experience, we have been satisfying our customers for more than 26 years.

Delivering quality products at reasonable prices. Satisfying the aesthetic demand of customer with artistic designs. Customer satisfaction is our always first priority.

Bonding, Believe and Comfort the three philosophy of Amiya Jewellers. If you want to sell your gold jewelries these facility is also available in Amiya Jewellers. Our purpose is not only to sell ornaments to our customers but to satisfy the customers by fulfilling their preferences. 

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